I went to Noma73006_4105267304354_1121999301_n

(I wonder how many people can actually say that…)

Anyways, it was amazing and the experience of a lifetime. A friend of mine somehow got a table and I secured a seat maybe 2 months ago. If  you haven’t noticed, I’m a foodie, but Noma is much more than food. It’s art, it’s science…

I arrived in my cab and walked up to the door. I don’t really think that they saw me coming because I don’t think that I was supposed to open the door. I didn’t really know what I was supposed to do, so I said “Hello, we have a reservation…” and the maître d’ said “I know” and the wait staff swarmed around me and took my coat and my scarf. I felt like the queen!

Soon I sat down with friends and it all began!

In the beginning, courses after courses were being brought to us and explained. Everything was hands only! It was great. Unfortunately, doing a play by play of every single thing that I ate would be way too much too type and the pictures…well…there would just be too many. And you probably wouldn’t think it even looked that good! But it was.

Let me tell you, though… the presentation! It was amazing. Just amazing. Oh my god… the food was art.

Once the larger courses began, we ordered our wine pairing and the wine was the best I’ve ever had. It complimented the food perfectly, and  I don’t even know that much about wine!

Oh. I also ate a live shrimp. That was weird. And an adrenaline rush! So glad I did that.


The meal went by so fast…probably because I had approximately 25 plates put in front of me throughout the course of 3 hours.

Finally, when the desserts were winding down, we were invited over to the lounge area and we had some herbal tea and other treats. We even had a bit of Gammel Dansk! So delicious. We were probably the youngest people in the restaurant but that was fine by them. We made friend with our lovely waiters and even got a tour at the end! A tour of Noma! We saw 3/4 of the kitchens, some lovely beer brewed at Noma and just learned about their process. I think that’s what really made the experience. It all flew by, but it really was an experience of a lifetime and I am SO glad that I went. I think I would have half regretted it if I didn’t, because who knows when I’ll be back! (And my mom will be generous enough to let this be my Christmas present!)

THANKS MOM!!!!!!! You’re the best.

This is one meal that I will remember forever and ever.

– Z

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