Things I’m Digging


It’s so much easier to do posts like this instead of actually telling you what I’m doing abroad…

  1. Chicken & salsa – Today I went to the grocery store and bought a Fanta, chicken, cornichons, salsa, chips, brussel sprouts tortellini and chapstick. Tip: NEVER go to the grocery store when you’re hungry. You’ll end up buying weird stuff. Anyways, I decided to plop the chicken in a frying pan with some garlic olive oil and then I put a bit of salsa on one side and then flipped it. It was great!! I’m excited to expand the recipe and make it more of a chicken sauté type of thing. Maybe add chickpeas?
  2. Stockholm
  3. The snow in Cope/Stockholm
  4. Danish boys
  5. Candles – so hyggelit
  6. Wine…duh

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