On Layering


Living in California and New Orleans hasn’t exactly prepared me for this kind of cold weather. In the winter, I’m used to throwing on a sweater or long sleeve t-shirt, jeans, boots, and maybe a light jacket. Sometimes I’ll throw on a scarf for fashions sake, but rarely for the warmth of my neck.

This past week in Copenhagen has challenged my layering techniques quite a bit. I knew that I had to expect cold weather and lots of layering, but I had no idea how to do it. In my two large suitcases I attempted to pack good layering pieces and I think I half succeeded. It’s hard to be fashionable and warm, especially on the lower half of your body.

Even though today is absurdly beautiful and a bit out of character for Copenhagen, I feel like I won the Daily Layering Challenge I like to play with myself. Yesterday, tights under my jeans, a long sleeve shirt under my sweater, a cashmere scarf, high boots and my winter wool cost were way too much. Today, comfortable jeans, a long sleeve under a comfy sweater, booties and a light field jacket, inherited from Mama, seem to do the trick. No scarf needed!

Needless to say, I’m pretty proud of myself. Especially because I don’t look too frumpy. For some reasons these little challenges just make my day! It’s so nice and I’m just warm enough I might just WALK all the way home. That’s an hour long walk, in case you were wondering.


– Z

PS – my brother arrives tomorrow!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “On Layering

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