Good Eatin’: Granada, Spain

Finally! The post you’ve all been waiting food! (I published this post and then realized I wrote “food” instead of “for.” That tells you where my head is.” The post on Spain. And Food. More importantly food. Let me tell you, I had a fantastic time in Spain. It was BEAUTIFUL weather, delicious food, wonderful museums and amazing friends. It was so good to see a bunch of kids from Tulane and have a week off.

I’ve never really experienced Spanish food that much, but I fell in love with a tapas place in San Francisco and ever since I was so excited to go to Spain. And Spain did not disappoint.

After flying into Madrid on Friday afternoon, I took a bus to Granada. Granada means pomegranate, in case you were wondering. Anyways, I stayed in an awesome hostel (minus the guy snoring in the bunk beside me) right in the center of town and met some great people, hung out with my best friend, Annie, and ate a lot of good food. You know what’s great about Granada, the tapas are FREE!

Here’s a little catalogue of what I ate in Granada!

Torilla Espanola

Seafood Paella


Chorizo Pâté

Mango & Goat Cheese Salad (HEAVEN, to say the least)

Pizza with lots of delicious things, jamon included…DUH

Hummus (not as good as Copenhagen…or the States)

Goat Cheese & Honey

Lentils (I think…)

I think this was supposed to be “Pre-Drunk Tapas” aka CARBS GALORE

Just some good ol’ sangria


I honestly don’t remember what this was… but it was good

Manchego cheese covered in olive oil and Tortilla Espanola

Okay, I’m done.

– Z

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