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pesto pasta with chicken, peppers & mushrooms dinner on our rooftop terrace with shelley & chase… and white wine church by school strawberries and a tomato that i picked up on my way home from class

Buys Weekend

Hello all! Well I had a busy weekend. It started off on Friday night with a social for all of the Communication majors here at DIS. It was a trendy little art galley called Warehouse 9 in basically the Meatpacking District of Copenhagen. I ventured out into KBH by myself (pretty brave) and assumed I’d … Continue reading

the first dinner

Well, it’s not actually the first dinner. BUT, it is the first dinner with my roommate! After a little adventure at Netto, a Danish market, by myself, we whipped up a little pasta, mushrooms and peppers. Simple, yet delicious. I guess that’s how you have to do it when you’re on a budget – cheap … Continue reading

lazy americans

lazy americans

Today i got called a lazy american. I’m not sure why, but I was getting lost in KBH (Copenhagen) with a friend and a cranky old man yelled “De lazy Americans!” Other than that it was a fabulous day! After contemplating whether to get out of bed or not this morning (it rained all night … Continue reading


the most delicious blueberry tart followed by a wonderful chocolate croissant beautiful KBH


I’ve arrived in Copenhagen! The flight was great, I slept a ton, no one was in the middle seat, perfecto. Copenhagen is beautiful! My studio apartment is great and the roomie is great too. Everything is great! I can’t say anything more… probably because I’m so jetlagged. Until tomorrow, – Z

what to pack?

I’m pretty sure this is the hardest part of traveling abroad for me. I have no idea what to pack. I have no idea what Danish people wear (other than some visuals from and I have no idea what to do about this weather. Being from California and going to school in Louisiana doesn’t … Continue reading


five days left in the good ol’ US of A! I can’t believe summer went by so fast. Work is over, a quick vacation to Tahoe, and then back home for a few days to pack and buy everything necessary for 4 months abroad!   wish me luck   – Z